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Guaranteed tours:
23 Aug - 5 Sep 2017: Volcano Special: Ibu - Dukono - Lokon - Halmahera (Indonesia)
16-23 Sep 2017: Pearl of the Aegean - Santorini - Santorini Island, Greece
20-24 Sep 2017: Sinabung Volcano Special - Sumatra (Indonesia)
20-25 Sep 2017: Sinabung Volcano Special - Sumatra (Indonesia)
23-28 Sep 2017: Aegean's Hidden Gem: Isle of Milos - Milos Island (Greece)
1-16 Oct 2017: From Krakatau to Bali - Java (Indonesia)
7-14 Oct 2017: Pearl of the Aegean - Santorini - Santorini Island, Greece
13-27 Oct 2017: Volcanoes of Italy - the Grand Tour - Southern Italy
16-19 Oct 2017: Indonesia Specials - Java-Komodo-Bali (Indonesia)
14-27 Nov 2017: Expedition Papua - Papua New Guinea
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Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017
One of the most remarkable eruptions in recent times on the African continent continues with little signs of ending. ... [more]
Erta Ale's eruption on SENTINEL 2 satellite imagery on 29 May 2017 (image: SENTINEL2 / ESA-Copernicus data; Composition / annotations: Culture Volcan)
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
The activity of the volcano remains intense and continues from both the summit (lava lake in south pit) and from the SE rift zone (lava lakes and lava flows). ... [more]

Volcanoes of Ethiopia and Eritrea

Adwa| Afderà| Alayta| Ale Bagu| Alu| Alutu| Asavyo| Ayelu| Beru| Bilate River Field| Bishoftu Volcanic Field| Boina| Bora-Bericcio| Borale Ale| Borawli| Boset-Bericha| Butajiri-Silti Field| Chiracha| Corbetti Caldera| Dabbahu| Dabbayra| Dalaffilla| Dallol| Dama Ali| Dofen| East Zway| Erta Ale| Fantale| Gabillema| Gada Ale| Gedamsa| Groppo| Hayli Gubbi| Hertali| Hobicha Caldera| Kone| Korath Range| Kurub| Liado Hayk| Ma Alalta| Manda Gargori| Manda Hararo| Manda-Inakir| Mat Ala| Mega Basalt Field| Mousa Alli| O'a Caldera| Sodore| Sork Ale| Tat Ali| Tepi| Tosa Sucha| Tullu Moje| Unnamed 8.07°N / 39.07°E| Unnamed 8.62°N / 38.95°E| Unnamed 8.70/39.63| Unnamed 8.7°N / 39.63°E| Yangudi
Expeditions to Ethiopia's volcanoes:
Danakil desert (Ethiopia): Desert, salt and volcanoes
(expedition to Erta Ale volcano and Dallol hydrothermal field (Danakil desert, Ethiopia))
Desert, salt and volcanoes - expedition to the Danakil desert and its volcanoes
14 days / 13 nights - Moderate
$ 4860  ? 
18 Nov - 1 Dec 2017
23 Dec 17 - 5 Jan 2018
13-26 Jan 2018
Experience one of the geologically most active areas on the planet! The Danakil desert is famous for Erta Ale, one of the world´s few active volcanoes constantly hosting a boiling lava lake and the surreal landscapes of colors, salt, geysers andsprings at the hydrothermal fields of Dallol.

See the dramatic change of environment when the jeep expedition starts in Addis Ababa (at 2355 m), and gradually descents into the Danakil depression, passing through Awash National Park before reaching the banks of Afrera salt lake (at - 100 m). The journey continues as we climb Erta Ale shield volcano and spend 3 full days and nights exploring the volcano´s caldera. We then set up camp at the Afar village of Hamed Ela and have 2 full days to discover the hydrothermal area of Dallol and Assale salt lake, including the centuries-old ritual of salt cutting. Finally explore the UNESCO world heritage site of the rock hewn churches of Lalibela.

We have been organising tours to the Danakil since early 2007 and hence have expertise in arranging such expeditions. Our highly competent Ethiopian main guide and volcanologist Enku and his friendly team will safely take you through the desert in 4x4 jeeps. The sometimes Spartan character of living conditions in the Danakil are partially compensated by the large variety of meals freshly prepared by our cook! ...more info

Danakil desert (Ethiopia): Erta Ale Volcano Special
(in response to recent high activitiy with lava lake overflows (Danakil desert, Ethiopia))
Erta Ale Volcano Special - expedition to Erta Ale's current eruption
8 - 11 days - Moderate
$ 3700  ? 
Custom and group dates
no scheduled dates at present
Erta Ale volcano has been in spectacular activity during the past weeks, probably the most intense phase in decades: the lava lake has been overflowing almost daily and been covering the caldera floor with fresh lava flows.
For those quick to decide, we offer this Volcano Special tour in order to stay 4 full days / 4 nights on the volcano! ...more info

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